Associated Consultants to the Construction Industry

Construction Disputes Consultants, LLC provides consultants from its extensive list of associated consultants for the appropriate team to resolve construction industry disputes.

  • Architects – designers of projects comparable to particular structure at issue
  • Engineers – Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural
  • Damage Experts – lost productivity, scheduling, delay, estimating
  • Specialty Experts – human factors, OSHA, mold and mildew, laboratory testing, etc.


Architects & Designers with experience on projects comparable to the case
Building Image Modeling (BIM) Experts
Civil Engineers
Cost Estimators
Delay Analysis Experts
Environment Experts / Mold and Mildew Experts
Feasibility Consultants
Graphics, 3-D animation, Media Services
Ground Penetrating Radar Experts
Human Factors Experts
Interiors Design Consultants
Laboratory Testing and Field Analysis Experts
Lost Productivity Experts
Materials Testing Facilities
Mechanical Engineers – Fire Suppression
Mechanical Engineers – Heating and Air Conditioning
Mechanical Engineers – Plumbing
OSHA Consultants
Paints and Sealants Experts
Plan Review Services
Roofing Materials Consultants
Schedule Consultants
Structural Engineers
Tile and Stucco Experts